Safety Advice

Important Information

• Use the recommended temperature by Veterinarians so the pad is warm to the touch but not hot

• Please remember everyone has difference sensitivity to heat so ensure your pet does not overheat as this can be dangerous to their health 

• The soothing warmth has many benefits for your pet, it will help ease sore of aching muscles or joints while keeping the cosy and warm

• DO NOT allow your pet to lay directly on the heat pad, it must be used inside your specially designed pet bed

• For peace of mind the cable has been enclosed in an armoured cover protecting it against biting or chewing

• The adaptor is also low voltage to ensure safety


Please ensure you read all the instructions in full. Failure to do so may result in injury or fire.


Techincal Info

• Low Voltage for safety

• Armoured cabling to prevent biting and chewing

• Thermostatic protector

• 7 heat settings with LED indicator

• Pressure activated

• Machine washable cover

• *CE Approved and *RoHS compliant

Safety Information

• Read the instructions in full before using this product

• This product is for indoor use ONLY. DO NOT use outdoors

• Immediately switch off if there is any sign of the product overheating

• Ensure your pet does not get too warm, turn off or reduce the temperature if there are any signs of overheating

• Check for any visible damage such as tears, breaks or cracks, DO NOT use if any of these are evident

• DO NOT make any modifications to this product, this may increase the risk of electric shock or fire

• Only use this product with your pet bed, it is not designed to be used on its own

• DO NOT use any other electrical or heating item in conjunction with the Heat Pad

• DO NOT use anything to secure the pad in place, the bed has been designed to specifically hold the heat pad securely in place

• Place the power cord away from your pet for example behind the bed

• Not suitable for animals that are prone to chewing

• DO NOT submerge the pad in water

• Unplug the heat pad when not in use


Hot Dog products are designed, developed and manufactured to the highest possible standards. ALWAYS ensure you carefully read the instructions before operating this product.

Cleaning & Care Instructions

To clean you Heat Pad firstly ensure that it is turned off and unplugged from the mains socket. Remove the pad from the cover, the cover can be machine washed but must be completely dry before being put back onto the heat pad. The pad can be cleaned by using a clean damp cloth or sponge, do not submerge in water and do not use cleaning products or chemicals. Wipe the pad dry before use. To store your heat pad ensure you store in a dry, cool place.