The Explorer range cleverly and unobtrusively integrates state-of-the-art TriZone Heat Technology, enabling you to generate the level of warmth you want at the touch of a button. All of our heat elements are purpose-developed utilising flexible carbon fibres, which allows garments to be compressed and folded without compromising technical integrity.

Explorer Inner Gloves

  • Designed for even heat distribution and comfort, our heated Active Glove Liners are perfect for when you want extra warmth. The thin, soft touch glove liners fit comfortably under your winter gloves for added insulation or can simply be worn on their own when you want heat without bulk. Developed for flexible use, Active Glove Liners are particularly beneficial for those with symptoms of Raynaud’s Syndromeand other circulatory conditions. With three adjustable heat settings, they gloves are also touch screen sensitive, so you can easily stay connected without your hands getting cold.

    Blaze Wear Gloves and Liners cleverly and unobtrusively integrate cutting-edge FIR (Far Infrared Ray) and carbon fibre technology. Carefully designed and developed to optimise heat delivery, the technology is powered by extended life rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. We also use advanced flexible carbon fibres so that items can be bent and compressed without compromising their technical integrity and you can move your hands freely. Read more about our heat technology.

    • Lightweight and breathable
    • Hand washable
    • Touch screen sensitive
    • Powered by two rechargeable 5v 3000mAh USB power banks (battery set, charging cable included, there is no plug head provided with this product)
    • Approx 2 to 6 hours of heat (depending on heat setting)
    • Three adjustable heat settings with temperatures of up to 55°C

    Heat Elements

    • Perimeter of fingers and thumbs

    Take Care of Me

    • Hand wash as per instructions on inner care label


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