Heat Therapy For Your Dog

Heat therapy is most commonly applied to joints: shoulders, elbows and wrists in the front legs; and hips, knees and ankles in the back legs. It can be used on any part of your dog's body where muscle damage, strain or spasm occurs. For example, a dog with a disc problem in the spine (neck or back) may have muscle spasms, which heat therapy can relieve.

Heat therapy can also be used for ongoing conditions such as arthritis. By reducing stiffness, heat therapy helps to improve joint range of motion during and after exercise. In addition to these healing benefits, heat therapy provides comfort, relaxation and anxiety reduction.

Hot Dog Pet Products central heated dog beds are ideal for delivering constant, temperature-controlled heat to your beloved dog. The heated bed is pressure activated so when your dog lays on the bed, the temperature will rise from an ambient heat to one of 7 pre-set temperatures ranging from 25°C to 55°C allowing you to select the pre-set temperature to suit your pooches needs.

Available in 6 ranges as classic cushion beds or pillow beds your dog will stay warm whatever the style.


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