Keeping Your Dog Calm on Bonfire Night

Unlike most humans, dogs can be scared of fireworks. The loud, unfamiliar noises and flashing of fireworks can be very frightening for your dog, but there are things you can do to minimise your dog's stress levels. Here are our top tips for managing dogs and fireworks.

Here are our top tips to avoid causing stress to your dogs this bonfire night.

1. Avoid letting your dog outdoors at times when fireworks are likely to go off.

2. Create a ‘safe place’ for your dog to hide from fireworks, have fun creating a "den"- drape a blanket over a table. Avoid locking your dog in a crate as this can be even more stressful Let your dog have options so they can choose where to hide.

3. The sudden bang of fireworks can be masked by keeping a radio or TV on, which can reduce the impact noises may have on your pet

4. Leave lights on indoors to reduce the impact of the flashes and draw the curtains or cover the windows to minimise the lights from the fireworks from outside.

5. In the worst-case scenario, any dog that does get out or run away from home while fireworks are going off can be reunited with its owner much more easily if it has been microchipped. Microchipping your dog is now a legal requirement, as of April 2016.

6. Animals are highly perceptive and will notice if you’re behaving unusually. Following your dog around or being overly affectionate may cause them to feel nervous or confused. The more you change your behaviour, the more anxious your dog may become.

7. Secure any escape routes in your garden, just in case, and make sure everyone in the house knows they need to be quick opening and closing external doors.

8. Keep your dog occupied with a long-lasting chew to help keep them distracted, you could also try stuffing a puzzle toy such as a Kong with layers of food to keep your dog occupied.

Stay safe and enjoy the fireworks!


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