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Heat Pad Technology


Hot Dog is different from other bed manufactures because we offer the unique feature of heat to your dogs’ bed. The heat system is mains powered and comes with 7 heat settings. To ensure the highest level of safety the heating system is CE Approved as well as RoHS certificated.  We have also armoured the electrical cable with chew resistant metal and plastic to prevent your dog chewing through the wiring. The heating system is low voltage with thermostatic control to prevent overheating. 


How It Works

The system is pressure activated so when your dog lays on the bed the temperature will rise to the one set by you on the controller, when your pet leaves the bed the temperature with return to an ambient level. There are 7 heat settings ranging from 25c to 55c, it comes with a washable cover and the pad itself can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Why choose heat?

Just like us, animals can also suffer from conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, recovery from surgery or injury, joint and circulatory problems or just the effects old age. It has been proven that by applying heat this is a fast and effective method to alleviate the symptoms of these conditions or speed up recovery after injury or surgery. The application of heat is used to reduce stiffness and muscle spasms, increase blood flow and relieve pain.


• Low Voltage for safety

• Armoured cabling to prevent biting and chewing

• Thermostatic protector

• 7 heat settings with LED indicator

• Pressure activated

• Machine washable cover• *CE Approved and *RoHS compliant